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Gender wage gap stalls in 2013

The average woman working full time, year round made 78 percent of what a man with similar employment made in 2013, according to the latest data from the Census Bureau, a slight but not statistically different increase from 77 percent in 2012. There hasn’t been a significant increase since 2007.


Gender wage gap stalls in 2013

The average woman working full time, year round made 78 percent of what a man with similar employment made in 2013, according to the latest data from the Census Bureau, a slight but not statistically different increase from 77 percent in 2012. There hasn’t been a significant increase since 2007.

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sometimes tumblr’s US-centric social justice makes me so fucking frustrated. Right now sweden’s third biggest party are literally neo-nazis and our elections couldn’t even get onto trending tags today, goddamit.

Okay, so the post is gaining notes and people are confused, so to explain what the hell is going on: 


Swedish elections held were on last Sunday, 14th September. We’ve had a right-leaning government the past eight years and after this there will be a change of power. The new party, Socialdemocrats (S) gained a total of 31% percent. The old party, Moderaterna (M) gained 21%. 

Sverigedemokraterna (SD) gained a total of 12.9%. Their policy is racist, Islamophobic, anti-immigration, anti-refugee, anti-diversity, anti-LGBT+, and anti-feminist. Basically, they tick every box on the douchebag lottery.

If you’re here to argue that they’re ~not actually~ Nazis: 1) Fuck you. 2) Fuck the horse the you rode in on. 3) I hope you get stepped on by a moose, you ignorant asswipe. 

  1.  they literally started as neo nazis. They have used a Neo-Nazi movement as campaign slogans,
  2. party members have assaulted immigrants with iron pipes (tw for racialised violence),
  3. worn Nazi symbols 
  4. supported and helped build Neo-Nazi group SvP.

There’s probably more, but I don’t have links on hand. 

They’ve been having rallies and demonstrations all over Sweden, and people have shown up just to turn their back on them and protest (this post explains it better). 

In the 2010 elections, SD were pretty much considered no better than neo-Nazis and only got 5.7% votes - it put them in 6th place and was just enough to get them into parliament. In the elections before that, they got about 2.9%. In the past four years, they’ve grown exponentially in Sweden.

They’ve also run extremely extensive PR campaigns, appealing to the youth, kicking out members “exposed” of being racist, (note: these members often end up in SvP) and picking up buzzwords from the Socialdemocrats’ ideology. 

29% of votes they gained this year were from swing voters who previously voted M,  and the biggest gain have been in the south, in small towns and the countryside:


This is not something that’s just going on in Sweden. Europe has seen an influx of extreme-right parties over the last decade or so, often thinly disguised as a party that puts ‘traditional values’ and ‘national interest’ first.

In Greece and Hungary they’ve already been in power. In Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Finland France and UK, extreme-right-wing parties have been voted into the EU. 

Because here’s the thing: we’ve forgotten what it looks like. We’ve gotten to the point where we’ve turned Nazism into a cartoonish lampoon of goose-stepping, uniforms and moral lessons that “we’ll never be like them~”, ignoring the fact nationalism is not as cut-and-dry two ends of an extreme but exists on a scale.

People have been apologising for SD’s actions for a while now because they’re not considered “extremist enough” to be neo-Nazis, because they don’t share the same beliefs, because they’ve “publicly denounced” SvP. 

But the same people still get hurt. Still SD has the institutional and systematic power and privilege to oppress, degrade and humiliate people of colour, which they already have done. Stop making excuses for them. Stop making leeways for right-wing-extremists because that is how they gain tract. 

Please spread this. 

On the one hand, I feel like there should be more emphasis on the opposition to SD - the large protest in Stockholm yesterday, the prime minister-elect’s pledge not to work with SD on the grounds that “87% of Swedes didn’t vote for them,” the anti-racist (including anti-anti-Semitic) marches.

On the other hand, SD really is complicating forming a governing coalition, and if the red-green coalition can’t peel away the Center and the Liberals to get a majority, it’ll go down in the budget fight (the opposition is allowed to propose an alternative budget, and SD supports the outgoing right-wing coalition on budget matters). So far the mainline right-wing leaders have avoided giving them any concessions on immigration, which means that all non-SD Swedish parties have an asylum policy well to the left of both US parties, but I don’t know if this can last forever. In Denmark, the right-wing coalition did eventually incorporate the anti-immigration extreme right, and in Norway, the anti-immigration populists mainstreamed themselves to the point of becoming a major coalition partner. The “look, the elites are ignoring us” is often a major appeal for the extreme right.

This seems to be the trend across most of western Europe.

Fourth largest party in the NL: PVV, populist, extreme right, squabble rabble. Remember their leader, that racist arsewipe Geert Wilders? He was actually denied entry into the UK. Because because his opinions “threaten community harmony and therefore public safety”, i.e. his Islamophobic hatespeech was too much for the Home Office.

Interestingly*, he’s a first-rate bigot. He’s of mixed race colonial Indonesian descent (and what’s one of the largest Islamic countries in the world? Oh, crickey, it’s Indonesia!), and his views on Islam were formed entirely by his trip to Israel and some of its neighbours. Unsurprisingly, he whole-heartedly supports Israel’s military invasion of Palestinian territories.

His need to badly bleach his hair blonde only serves to give him the air of a neo-Nazi (even if he isn’t, strictly speaking).

In France, far right party Front National is increasingly gaining voters in polls. Like Wilders and PVV, they benefit from the disconnect between voters and the apparent elitism of existing parties, and finding scape goats for the current number of unemployed people with immigrants - of whom the most visibly different from autochtone inhabitants are, of course, Islamic people.

It doesn’t help that in a lot of countries with a rise in far right voters, the current governments are mostly liberal and conservative, a deadly combination which is the almost polar opposite of the far right idealogies that are gaining ground. These governments are making massively impopular policy choices, especially so in the eyes of the people most hit by the recession; and the only very visible option in opposition are the extreme right parties which also dabble in mixes of nationalism and socialism.

But then, that was excactly how Hitler gained power, after all.

  • Far right on rise in Europe, says report [x]
  • The rise of Europe’s far right will only be halted by a populism of the left [x]

  • The rise of the far-right in Europe shows how spectacularly austerity has failed [x]

  • Rise of the Far Right in Europe [x]


*Actually, that was sarcasm. It isn’t interesting. I mean, what the hell did anyone expect from a guy with such views?

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ruuma and i just chose the cocktails for the partayyy and it’s looking like we’re gonna have to buy a fuckton of stuff (we’re like 15 people though so idk)

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Ok so I can’t make this post all formal because I need to do this quick because we’re running out of time.

These are Maui Dolphins and they are one the cutest creatures I’ve ever seen. They are only found off the west coast of New zealand’s North Island. They only grow up to 1.7m long. 

Just today I found out there are only 55 of them left in the world and it makes me sad seeing my favourite animal facing extinction. So I need your help to spread the word and sign this petition to help save the last 55. All you need to do is enter your name, email address and the country you live in. It’s not that much, guys! 

Help make a difference

Please sign the petition and spread the word!

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